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It is our aim to create a safe, supportive place where women with MRKH can form lifelong friendships.

In doing so, we believe that these friendships can change lives and need to be nurtured. The online world creates a springboard to meet new people and make that initial connection, however, this does not compare to meeting that individual in person. We want to make this an experience for as many MRKH women as possible.

We were fortunate enough to fly halfway across the world to meet for the first time, and that experience is irreplaceable, life changing, and emotionally fulfilling. We don’t think there should be a price on that, and we want to help others experience this moment.

The money you donate will go towards helping to meet the costs for women to attend hospital meetings and support groups. As well as this, it will help to make meetings between members possible.

Our goal is for you to find an MRKH sister for life, and to do that we need to have the funds to cultivate and support these friendships.

Your kind and generous donations are a fundamental source of support for MRKH Connect, which has now received charitable status in England and Wales - registered charity no: 1157477.

Without your ongoing funding, none of this would be possible.

Your donations will help MRKH Connect to:

  • Raise the awareness of MRKH through hospitals and fundraising events. For example, one of our Trustees is the MRKH specialist nurse at Queen Charlotte's & Chelsea Hospital, London.
  • Defray the costs for women with MRKH to attend hospital meetings and support groups, without which they would be unable to attend.
  • Defray the costs on travel, giving women with MRKH the chance to meet one another and form lifelong friendships.
  • Continue the development and expansion of this website to further support the needs of its members



Our Team:

Our Trustees all play a special part in making this charity work, and helping us to achieve our goals. Without these people, none of this would be possible! So a special thank you goes out to:


Nuala Dixon - Nuala Dixon is the Clinical Nurse Specialist for MRKH at The Queen Charlotte's and Chelsea Hospital. MRKH Connect is working closely with the hospital to provide support for diagnosed women. We aim to bridge that gap between the diagnosis of MRKH and finding a support system of women going through the same.



Lynn Hutton - Lynn is a Nurse in the Bristol area and is a very close family friend. MRKH Connect has plans to work with Lynn and her surgery to provide information to GP's about the condition. We envision a time where more doctors are knowledgable on the condition and are able to direct girls to support groups upon diagnosis.


Charlotte Bishop

Charlotte BishopCharlie, a self confessed space nerd who interprets satellite imagery for a living, also has MRKH and met Kelly at QCCH back in 2013.  She is a long term supporter of MRKH Connect and continually raises awareness of MRKH through her personal blog, whilst also fundraising for MRKH Connect through the various challenges she sets herself each year.



Andy Smith - Andy is one of the main driving forces in the background for MRKH Connect. He handles the charitable side of things, implementing strategies and procedures that MRKH Connect can use to reach the goals they are currently working on.



Charlie Vartuli - In memory of Charlie Vartuli - Charlie was a teacher in Bristol who taugh Kelly Psychology back at school. She had been there since day one with the diagnosis and always offered much needed, and never ending support.