MRKH Connect Etiquette Policy

Anything you share on this site is in a public domain, so we ask that you do not share anything you may be uncomfortable with. There are options available throughout the site that give you the chance to edit, protect and maintain your privacy. It is our aim to keep this site as safe as possible, and strict, regular checks will be done to prevent misuse and violation of our code of conduct. However, if you do not feel comfortable giving out any private details, please use the options available to make it anonymous, which still allows you the opportunity to connect and share with others.

To get the best out of this site, and to find people in similar areas, of similar age, or at the same stage of journey, we have made it as secure as possible for you to put your details on the site. The more details we have, the more tailored your search will be. We do not expect exact addresses, but a rough location of where you live will help us to refine the search and identify the best possible matches.

When using this site and connecting with others, we ask that you respect their privacy and do not pass out details to anyone else on their behalf. The site is set up to connect women all over the world, and everyone has the chance to disclose the information, if and when they choose to do so.
Please do not post any members details on any other sites without their permission.

There is an option to message another member through the profile page, which is secure and protected, so contact through this method is convenient. However, if you feel more comfortable swapping personal email addresses, then feel free to do so!

If you any questions, or any concerns, please feel free to email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.